The Road to Friends….

Today we took a mini-road trip to San Antonio.
We brought along F. Stanley since we were pretty sure he had never been there before (at least in this lifetime!).
Now there is lots to see and do in San Antonio – the Riverwalk, the Alamo, lots of other missions and historical and beautiful sights. But we had our sights on something much more precious –

These dear friends!
We met Jo and Roy early on in our SOWER travels, and they’ve been kindred spirits ever since. They were with Gary when he had his subdural hematoma episode back in 2010 and have long had a special place in our hearts. Due to some health issues, they’ve hung up their SOWER tools, sold their sweet home on wheels and moved into a small retirement community in San Antonio. And while they’ve stopped doing SOWER projects, they still have their servant’s hearts. We had such a good visit with them – God has been very kind to bring us together those many years ago and keep us together as the years have passed. We’re those friends that don’t necessarily talk very often, but always connect again as if we had seen each other just last week. And we’re so glad they are in our life!


What a beautiful day!

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