My Addiction

ATKtagalongtote_LRGToday I succumbed to one of my addictions. In the years since I acquired this pattern (2011) I have made this bag over 20 times. I’ve made them for all the grandgirls, a DIL, and both my sisters. I’ve made them for friends, I’ve made them for auctions, and occasionally I even get paid to make one. I often make them in pairs, since it’s just as easy to make two as it is one (like lasagna, right?!). I love it because it’s cute, functional, and I can make one/two from start to finish in a day. Apparently, I am unable to resist the urge to make one of these bags when I have my sewing machine out and I’m between projects. (Well, I’m not exactly between projects, but I am at a stopping point and I need some additional fabric to continue and I won’t have that until next weekend. So what to do with a mostly empty Saturday? Find three fat quarters that go together, and make a tote!) Now mind you, I have three of these bags in my stash drawer, but still I felt the need to make another. I think this will work just great for our upcoming cruise, don’t you?(43 days and counting!)
Or maybe it will just go into the stash! But all in all – it was a fun way to spend a Saturday!

I rummaged around in my pictures to see if I had any pictures of my little totes – and here is a selection of the product of my addiction!

Untitled IMG_8810 IMG_8806
IMG_8800 Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled IMG_8808

I love making these (complete with zipper closure and inside pocket), so if you have three fat quarters that you love together, let me know! I bet we can make a deal!

3 thoughts on “My Addiction”

  1. I live this pattern, too! Haven’t made nearly as many as you. I have a big tote pattern that I’ve used at least 30 times though. I get the addiction.

  2. I understand completely. These are beautiful. I’m addicted to making quilts. I give them all away, every time, then promise myself the next one I’ll keep. Then I don’t.

  3. Colleen – I do believe that YOU were the one who introduced me to this pattern!!
    And Virginia – I’m pretty addicted to quilt making too! But sometimes you just need something quick to get started and get done! Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

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