Cruisin’ Musin’

There were lots of things I LOVED about our very first cruise. (Royal Caribbean, Liberty of the Seas, sailing out of Galveston, TX with stops at Routan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize, and Cozumel, Mexico for you seasoned and curious cruisers.:))
Cruise 2017-158

  • The ship was amazing! To us (with nothing to compare it to), it was luxurious and gorgeous.
    Cruise 2017-008
    Cruise 2017-009
  • Our room, though small, was a marvel of “well-used space”.  Remember, we live full-time in 300 square feet, so we KNOW small space living!
    Cruise 2017-010
  • As for on-board activities, there was something for everyone –
    Cruise 2017-022
    Kids Pool
    Cruise 2017-193
    (A pitiful picture of)The adult side – Honest, there were two large hot tubs, a nice quiet pool, lots of deck chairs and no kids under 16.
    Cruise 2017-023
    A walking track (and more deck chairs)
    Cruise 2017-050
    And even with all the people on board, it was still possible to find a quiet corner when you just needed some peace and quiet. (That’s Gary in the orange shirt.)
  • The food was abundant and delicious
    Cruise 2017-029
    and the servers were attentive and fun
    Cruise 2017-033
    Cruise 2017-178
  • The entertainment was varied – everything from ice skating
    Cruise 2017-142
    to rock bands
    Cruise 2017-028
    to a very hilarious juggler. No picture – we were too busy laughing!
  • Our excursions (though they seemed expensive to us novices) were lots of fun –
    We did a monkey refuge tour and zip-lining in Routan
    Cruise 2017-104
    Cruise 2017-122
    and enjoyed some snorkeling and a private island off of Belize.
    Cruise 2017-156
    Cruise 2017-157
    Our time in Cozumel wasn’t quite as successful. We opted to just get a cab to a beach and were a bit disappointed in where he took us. Ah, the unsuspecting tourist. But we still salvaged the day (though Gary did loose his glasses in the ocean) and made the best of a less than perfect morning.
    Cruise 2017-173
    And we made it back to the ship before the lunch buffet closed, so all was not lost.
  • But of course, the very best part of the cruise was the people we were with! So much laughter, so many giggles, so much fun!
    Cruise 2017-041

The things that surprised me about the cruise (and cruising in general, I suppose) was the emphasis on shopping. Diamonds, designer watches, art auctions (who knew?), clothing, cosmetics – the options were endless. I left the ship with a $10 dollar scarf and a $7.50 lanyard (really, they couldn’t have supplied that?) so all was okay on my end. But the shops seemed busy each evening, so I’m pretty sure most of the folks came prepared to take home some cruise swag.

Just looking through the photos to put together this post brought back such wonderful memories and I was reminded once again how blessed we are to have been able to take such a special vacation with such dear friends.

Cruise 2017-177
If you’d like to see more of the fun we had – there are plenty more pictures HERE! And trust me, I really whittled them down!

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  1. So happy to see your wonderful pictures! When will I get a chance to see you in person?

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