Mile 92658.3

That’s the number on our motorhome’s odometer.
“Wait. That’s all??”
“How many years have you been traveling?”
“We just finished our thirteenth year.”
“Is that the rig you started with?”
“I’m surprised it’s not higher.”

And so it goes. That is actually a respectable 7100+ RV miles per year for(on average) and even if it doesn’t seem like much, it’s been enough for us to

Along the way we’ve also visited 31 of the 58 National Parks and explored 75 other locations in the National Park System.  (Speaking of which – if you are over 62 and have not gotten your Senior Pass – get it before August 28th when the price goes from $10 to $80! Still a bargain, given that it gets you into most of the National Park Service locations FREE and also entitles you to half price camping at Corp. of Engineers Campgrounds (always beautiful), but who’s to sneeze at one of the best perks of being old(ish). But I digress…)

One of the frequent questions we get (after “what about your mail?”) is what is our favorite spot.  Even if we eliminate our sweet Cabin in Vermont from the running (because if you’ve been hanging around this corner of the internet at all, you know how I feel about the Cabin), that is still an almost impossible question to answer. This country is absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  From the bubbling cauldrons of Yellowstone,
Boiling Mudpot
to the sunrise over Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon-9_edited-1
to the wilds of the Everglades
Everglades Alligators-4
to the contrasts found at Death Valley
DV Wildflowers-3
we have been WOWED over and over again by the beauty found in this country!

So while I can’t possibly pick my favorite place in these 13 years of traveling, I can choose my favorite part of this adventure. That would have to be the great privilege we’ve had to witness the hand of God working throughout this great country. Through our work with the SOWER Ministry, we’ve served at almost 90 different ministries – from small camps to international ministries to group homes to rescue missions. Our understanding of how BIG – and how BUSY – God is continues to expand and we are blessed beyond measure to be just a small part of His plan for these ministries.

Yes, it’s been a wild and crazy 13 years.  The places we’ve gone, the people we’ve met, the work that we’ve done – we can only pray that God gives us many more years to serve!

Thanks for joining us on this great adventure!



Thirteen years. That is so crazy!


3 thoughts on “Mile 92658.3”

  1. 13 years. Wow. That really is amazing. I’m glad I found you on the Internet. You’ve inspired me. I retired in Feb., we sold the house, moved into an RV, and we are pulling a 16-ft custom quilting trailer. We submitted our applications to SOWERs last week. Pastor letters have been mailed. Have very mixed feelings about being away from family, especially the four grandchildren (two more due before end of year). Every time I read your blog I wonder if you have mixed feelings too. However, you do seem to swing by their homes a lot!

  2. Ah, the grandkids! We only had one when we set off on our adventure, and that family was already 9 hours away. I’m sure if the littles were close by (we’re up to 9 now) it would have been much harder to leave. So I feel your conflict – but it is kinda fun to be the grandparents that come in their own house! None of them know us any other way!
    I sure hope our paths intersect in the future!

  3. What a beautiful post Stephanie …. Wow you are an amazing blogger and your photos drop dead awesome!

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