Reunion Time

We have been blessed with a great family. Oh, we don’t necessarily all see life the same way and there might just be a quirk here and there (hold up the mirror, Steph!), but at the end of the day we love each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  And those are things we never want to take for granted.  All of those warm and fuzzy thoughts were brought to mind when we recently had a family reunion here at Montrose Bible Conference.
Just look at all these beautiful people!
Like any family gathering, we couldn’t all be there. But I do think we made a pretty good stab at it. Of the first generation (that would be me and my siblings, including spouses), six out of eight of us made it. Of the second generation (our kids and their spouses), 16 out of 24. Not bad, right? And of the third generation – well, 26 of the 34 made it.
(the littlest one, 8 mos old, was napping for the photo shoot!)
Quite a family, no?
It was so wonderful to get so many of us together, and I think one of the most special parts was the interactions of all those 26 third generations kiddos. I was actually pretty awful at taking candid shots throughout the reunion because I was too busy sitting on the porch, catching up with folks. But I collected some from the other folks who were busy capturing memories. Here are just a few –
Pool Time!
Our oldest cousin with his groupies! They loved the game he brought!
And even making slime. 🙂
From beginning
to end
it was a wonderful couple of days!
If you’d like to see more of our family reunion – here’s a link to the album. Siblings and cousins and lots of lots of love!



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  1. What a beautiful extended family, Stephanie. What blessings.

    After about 2 years of following you and preparing to join you on the road, it is finally going to happen. We leave tomorrow (Friday) for Phoenix to take delivery of our new home on wheels, our website is below. Bryan has worked really hard to set up the blog. We look forward to sharing this beautiful country and our experiences with family and friends.


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