First Day of Vacay

God gave us a wonderful gift for our first day of our Cabin Vacation – RAIN!
Although it didn’t rain ALL day, it certainly rained for the better part of it and kept us inside. It ruled out getting started on any projects (other than unpacking) and MADE us sit still and read and take naps. Sitting still is not something that comes easily to some of us in this marriage, but sitting still is what God gave us yesterday. He also gave us an early morning power outage
which reinforced our divine directive to step back and be still.
Then, as we were enjoying a bit of a snooze, we heard some noises on the back lawn. Much to our delight we were greeted by a rafter (that’s the fancy word for “a whole bunch”) of turkeys !
They traipsed through the edge of the lawn, with the mamas finally taking the young ones back up into the woods (or maybe they were just taking the long way down to the pond 🙂 )
while the papas worked on blending in to the tree line.
What a fun interruption to our naps!

We did manage a trip into town for provisions (ya gotta eat, right?), and resisted stopping for ice cream. (Which we had for dinner the night before. Don’t judge me – it’s VACATION!!!)
Sister and hubby came up for dinner, we played some cards and chatted by the fire. A pretty perfect ending to a pretty perfect start to our Cabin vacation.

Today the sun is peeking out from the clouds, Gary is on the ATV engineering his projects, and I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee. It’s gonna be a good day!
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4 thoughts on “First Day of Vacay”

  1. Hi, Just thankful that you are not in Texas, but up there in beautiful Vermont. Are you scheduled to go to Texas soon?
    Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Be safe.

  2. Hi, Barb! We are thankful to be in Vermont also – but are watching the situation in Texas carefully. We have several SOWER ministry partners that have been affected, so we are hoping we can be of help once we get down there (heading that way in October).

  3. Thanks for replying Steph. I was wondering about the SOWERS that might be involved too. We continue to pray for all concerned. Maybe things will be dried out some by October. I am sure you will have much work waiting for you. Happy vacation! Barb

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