Ups and Downs – Part One

Once again, life has continued to chug right along, regardless of whether or not I get around to blogging about it. Here are just a few of the Ups and Downs of the last couple of weeks.

We finished off our two weeks at the SOWER Office (Lindale, TX) with just some nice catch-up days. I got to work on a quilting project I’d been putting off for most of the winter. There never seemed to be enough time to really get into it since I knew it would take lots of concentration. So many pieces, so many chances to make a mistake! I got the center done, and a good start on the the rest of the squares to finish off the corners. (For those quilters out there, this completed part on the bed is the center medallion and will be set on point. )







Between our time in Lindale and our April project, we attended the 2018 SOWER Round-up at Alert Academy in Big Sandy, TX. It was GREAT!!!! Since we had been the “go-to” people for the last couple of rallies, it was wonderful to just be an attendee! It was at a different locations than the last several gatherings, and the facilities and activities were excellent!

That’s our ‘nose’ on the far right.

One of our favorite part of the TX Round-up has always been the auction, where everything from earrings to tool boxes to sticky buns are auctioned to benefit the SOWER Ministry. Looks like the gang is ready to go!

Did I mention I’m really good friends with the Auctioneer?
Gary the Auctioneer





I was his helper, but lest you think that kept me from bidding…..


my number was always handy!





Before we knew it, the round-up was wrapping up, and it was time to head east to Mississippi.  And while we happy to be heading back to our SOWER work, we were not happy about this –

Pretty much we drove in the rain the entire first day.

It wasn’t just rain, though. It was a good steady, never turn the windshield washers off kind of rain. In fact, the last 15 miles before our planned stop for the day (at a Walmart of course) was probably the longest 15 miles of travel that I can remember. I honestly don’t think I have ever been in a moving vehicle in such heavy, windswept rain. Let alone in a 15 ton behemoth towing a pick-up truck.  We were on interstate and there wasn’t really a place to safely pull over, so we pressed on – ever so slowly. (When I’m too busy praying and hanging on to my seat so as not to distract the driver to even take a picture of the driving, howling, man-was-I-scared rain, you know it was a sight to behold.) Thankfully we made it to our Walmart destination, and eventually we settled into a reasonable facsimile of a good night’s sleep. The rain continued, but we were still. And that was a good thing.

I wish I could say the new day dawned bright and sunny, but it did not. However, the rain had settled down to a steady drizzle, and we were content to continue on our way. We had a little caravan going, since our good SOWER buddies Don & Jenny were following behind us in their rig. As we traveled north, we say many instances of down trees and other wind damage, and were once again reminded of the LORD’s gracious care of us the day before. Once we were off the interstate we were on little Mississippi roads heading to the little town of West (“little” town might be an over-statement.  Perhaps crossroads with a post office would be a bit more accurate.) and our April project at Pineview Camp. We were within 3 miles of our destination when we noticed a state police car parked in the middle of the road up ahead. This did not look good.  As we approached we saw downed wires and knew we were in trouble.  Since the patrolman said he’d already been waiting over 12 hours for an electric truck, we knew we couldn’t just wait it out.  Did I mention those little Mississippi roads before? You know, the ones without any shoulders. Since backing up is not an option for us when we’re towing, we unhooked the truck and Gary did an expert turn around in a driveway that was thankfully not too far behind us and nice and wide. Especially since the road was not. Nice and wide. Don and Jenny followed suit, and soon we were on a 20 mile detour to our final destination. (Again, no pictures. I’m a total failure at this sometimes!)

But we made it!!! Torrential rains, electric wires on the road and 20 mile detours could not deter us from our April SOWER job.  There were a few other bumps in the road, but enough of the ups and downs for now.  It’s all a big thumbs UP at this point!!

Next installment coming soon. =)

6 thoughts on “Ups and Downs – Part One”

  1. Hello Stephanie and Super Driver,
    Thank you for your update!
    Wow– what an adventure.
    The LORD is so good to HIS people.
    We are praying for you ‘All’ out there and
    thank the LORD that you are!
    We are also considering the SOWERS,
    as we are heading to Texas Oct. 1st, to
    care for my elderly Momma.
    Thank you again and we love your website!!
    Shalom Blessings,
    Walt and Stef Rand, Mtns of North Caroina

  2. Thx Stephanie for updating us. Glad to hear you arrived in Mississippi safely. Those torrential downpouring rains are no fun when driving in them for hours on end. Glad God protected you. May He bless you and your next project. Take care.

  3. Good job driving Gary! Add that to your skill sheet! Bonnie and I are in the middle of the remodel. Things are going well. Enjoy Mississippi. How is Gary’s back?

  4. Wow.. What a fun story… Now that you are safe that is. Chuckle
    Good hearing from you. Enjoy Mississippi.
    Ken and Candi

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