Ups and Downs – the Conclusion

I left off last time, as I recall, where we had arrived safely at our April SOWER project regardless of the torrential rain, wild wind, and down wires that did their best to circumvent our arrival.  We were giving God ALL the glory as we navigated down the last stretch of muddy road, to our safe haven at Pineview Camp.  Now Pineview is a brand new SOWER project, and while the property had previously been an orphanage and has lots of facilities, it never had RV sites.  SOWERS always check out these things before a ministry is approved (RV parking is pretty germane to our ministry!), and we were assured that while there was room for improvement, the RV sites were up and running. Fortunately our group leaders (Joe & Kim) got there ahead of us (and ahead of the rain) and realized that the RV sites while complete with full services, were constructed on a slant. RVs do not like cock-eyed.  He and the host and a friendly neighbor with a backhoe worked diligently getting the sites level and in good working order.
Aren’t they lovely? That’s how they looked before the torrential rain.
After 7 inches of rain fell, they still looked okay – but were so soft that even our pick-up trucks sunk to the running boards and we needed our 4 wheel drive to get out of the spot. The two of us newcomers tucked in around the camp where there was at least power for us, and waited for the spots to dry out.
We waited and waited, but the prognosis was not good. Eventually we decided to jerry-rig two sites on the other side of the main building, and with the help of very long electric cords, multiple hoses and a macerater pump (don’t ask), we were all tucked in and good to go!

The host will have to work on those official sites before the next batch of SOWERS come in, but for now, all is good! There are a couple of perks to where we’re currently parked – we’re a bit closer to the laundry facilities and the camp wifi actually reaches to our rig. Most days, anyway!
Like most of the country our weather has been bouncing around from needing the air conditioner one day to running the furnace the next.
Yeah, we’re the blue dot in the middle of that green and yellow glob!
We’ve also had some tornado warnings come through, something you NEVER like to hear when you live in a tin can on wheels. Thankfully there is a safe spot for us to hunker down in if necessary, and a very safe place to pull our vehicles in when there is a threat of damaging hail.
It’s big enough for the motor homes, but sadly we’d sink in the mud before we’d ever get to the door!

Parking and weather adventures aside, it’s been a MARVELOUS project!!! Hopefully this week I can put some time into sharing about this very special month. It’s hard to believe we’re already in our last week.
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PS – I titled this the post Ups and Downs – the conclusion. Of course, there is no ‘conclusion’ to the Ups and Downs of life. Ups and Downs will continue to be with us each and every day. I’m just so thankful that I have a Lord and Savior who is NEVER up and down, but remains constant and true whatever the day may bring.

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs – the Conclusion”

  1. Thanks Steph and Lovey for the wonderful updates.
    We pray the LORD will send us out with the Sowers
    next year! Love hearing about your constant
    adventures and that you never give up!
    The LORD loves that about HIS people.
    The very best to you both and stay dry and safe,
    Walt and Stef, MTNS of NC — GOD willing Texas
    by Oct. 2018 to help MommaBear!

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