Sometimes Life Happens

We made it!!!!

I can’t say it was our smoothest trip, but we certainly learned a few things along the way.

          1.  Always pay attention when something ‘doesn’t sound right’ . My dear husband doesn’t have much of a sniffer (too many years playing with Freon, I guess), but he has quite the ear for sounds. And something about the transmission just didn’t sound right.
          2. Be patient with getting repairs. The first shop we stopped at couldn’t help us, but they recommended another one that might be able to fit us in. They could, but not until the next day – probably in the afternoon. The good news was they were OK with us just hanging out in their lot, so we were more than ready when they were able to take us earlier in the day.
          3. Use your time wisely. While hanging around Brunswick, OH, wasn’t our first choice,  we did have a pile of laundry to deal with, so we found a local launrdamat and managed to get that chore done (and even enjoyed a bit of Chinese take-out while the clothes tumbled!).Untitled
          4. Be prepared (mentally and even emotionally, not to mention financially) for the repair to be pricey. Especially when the hours ticked by, and no one had an answer.  BUT – also be prepared to rejoice greatly when it turns out replacing a couple of fuel filters takes care of the problem. It might have taken them a while to rule out all of the other (super expensive) possibilities, but when you walk out of the repair shop with a motor home in good running order and it was (only) $500, well, that’s a happy ending in our book.
          5. And since you’re already a full day behind your schedule, you might as well take the time to get the house washed. Because it really, really needed it!Untitled
          6. Be super thankful that you found a spot in the PA Welcome Center to park for the night, even if your neighbor ran his generator all night. We were safe. We were still. We were only 300 miles from our final destination!
          7. Even though driving East in the morning can be a bear, we were so happy it wasn’t raining (which seemed to be our more frequent travelling companion lately), that we just lowered the visors and pressed on.Untitled
          8. And pressed on and pressed onUntitled (Crazy buggy windshield from driving at dusk last night)
          9. Until finally we were here. Back in our spot, busy collecting hugs and even enjoying a Wednesday night Bible Study(with food!!)

        We learned to be flexible, to make the most of some unexpected down time, and most importantly – to give thanks in ALL things.

        Thanks for coming along for the drive!

One thought on “Sometimes Life Happens”

  1. Oh, Steph, we do understand having patience and being prepared for the unexpected. We have been full time RVing for nine months. We have spent several weeks waiting for repairs. Fortunately at this point most of the fixes have been warranty work. We are now in Georgia waiting. A blessing? We have been able to attend Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain where Pastor Sandy Adams teaches and what a great Bible teacher. We have been blessed with great weather, too.

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