Montrose Bible Conference

So Where are we now – Montrose Bible Conference

For my One a Day in May today, I’m just doing a quick cut and paste of my page – So Where are we now?” Because, hey – I think that counts, right? I did after all write it today. =)


May 1 – Late August
After a somewhat eventful trip from Ohio to Montrose, PA, we’re settling in nicely at a favorite summer spot for us – Montrose Bible Conference.

Montrose Bible Conference

Although we generally like to work new projects, this is our sixth summer volunteering at MBC. To say we feel at home here might be an understatement. Our arrival has even become a sure sign of the start of summer to some folks. =)

In the past we’ve (ok, Gary’s) tackled major A/C installations
rebuilt walkways around the motel
and done any number of other big and small jobs around the property!

This summer Gary is hoping to begin construction on a new (and much needed) walk-in freezer. It’s a big job, and since all the ducks are not quite in a row to get it started, he’s starting in with some other needed repairs.

We’re looking forward to a good summer here at Montrose. Already we’ve been busy exchanging hugs and making plans to connect with friends. Yes,  sometimes it’s just nice to hear “Welcome Back!”

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