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There are lots of reasons to be part of the SOWER Ministry. We get to travel the country, make lots of new friends, and see God at work at the ministries where we serve.  But one of the absolute BEST reasons to be part of this ministry is the SOWER Family you instantly gain when you join.  When I say SOWER Family, I really mean SOWER Praying family.
This week I sent out a prayer request for my sister Elna’s immunotherapy treatments that began yesterday.

Dear SOWER family –
Thank you so much for your prayers for my sister, Elna, who underwent extensive abdominal surgery for renal cancer tumors on her pancreas in January. She has recovered nicely from the surgery (thank you, LORD!) and is doing well. However, recent CT scans have revealed several nodes on her lungs. These cannot be dealt with surgically and she will begin a course of immunotherapy (Opdivo) on Tuesday (5/8). This new development has not caught our God by surprise, and although we are sobered by this turn of events, we are still resting in HIS faithfulness.
We covet your prayers for her that she would experience minimal side effects, that the therapy is successful, and for healing. Thank you for lifting this dear sister in Christ before His throne.
In Him,
Stephanie Conrad #2509

Here are just some of the responses that so lifted my heart, even as they lifted her up in prayer

  • Sending prayers to the great healer for your dear sister.
  • We will continue to praise God and rely on his care for your sister
  • So so sorry😒. But our God is an amazing, awesome God!!  We are praying
  • Thank you for the update.  We will be praying for Elna, that the immunotherapy will have great affect on the nodes, and side effects will be minimal.
  • “Jesus, please meet this request.  Thank You for Your Grace. Amen.”
  • Sorry to hear this about Elna—every cancer survivor dreads this news! Where does she live and does she have access to a support group? As a cancer survivor, I’m willing to listen if she needs someone to talk to.
  • Lifting you and your entire family and trusting in the security of the loving arms of our Almighty God.
  • Yes!  God is Faithful, Willing, and Able!  We pray that His merciful healing hand will be on your sister, and that all those who are near and dear to her will be comforted by His Presence !

I thank God for those beautiful responses to my request, along with the hundreds other prayers that were uttered without the need to hit the ‘reply’ button. (My usual response.)

Today the report from Elna is good! Yesterday’s infusion went simply and without any drama, and so far she is feeling great.  Of course, it’s one-day-at-a-time with these things, but that’s how prayer works too! I’m so thankful for my SOWER family (and others of you, of course) who are walking alongside Elna and our family as she begins this journey.

To God be All the Glory!

PS – the image at the top of the post was taken as SOWERS surrounded (literally!) with prayer the RV of a SOWER who had just been taken to the hospital.  Photo creds to Larry Shoup.

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