The Last Six Pix

When I challenged myself to do this “Every Day in May” posting, I wasn’t sure just how I would fill up the space. Let’s face it, my life can be pretty mundane. But I figured if nothing else I could just look through my phone photos and find SOMETHING to share. So without further explanation, here are the last Six Pix from my phone with just a caption each.
Thank goodness Gary has some young bodies to help with this foundation work!

Montrose Quilt
Back in the lobby, I had my quilt spread out to measure for the borders. No space in the rig to do this, for sure!

Montrose Foundation 2
Wait. Now he’s the one under the building chipping away at that support pillar?

Montrose Foundation 3
Oh good – now he’s really in the thick of it!

Beauties on the walk home
I noticed these beauties along the edge of the sidewalk on my way home. (As I was praying for no buildings to fall on Gary.)

And finally – this arrived by text, but I saved it right away to my camera roll –
Anderson - almost 5 months
Our youngest grandboy Anderson, who is almost 5 months old. Be still my heart!

There you have it – the last Six Pix! Quite the potpourri, eh?

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