Saturday Chores

Remember how I said my life can be pretty mundane? Well, here is what our Saturday looked like (and I bet it looks a little like yours too!)
The day started out rainy. As in steady, steady rain. We put off running some errands hoping the rain would let up, but finally gave up and just set out. Only to find out that our truck battery was dead.
At which point we were very thankful for extra long jumper cables and a house that just happens to also use batteries.
Once we got the engine running, we stopped down where Gary had hoped to be working this morning. You know, the building foundation.
He’s rescuing his drill. Ugh.
We finally made it to our first stop – The Clock Doctor
Our cabin clock, which has held a place of honor on the Cabin mantle, had finally stopped working.
Cabin clock
The Doctor was hopeful that it was repairable, so we left it in his capable hands.  We’ll see about the bank loan later.
From there we checked out a local furniture shop, looking for a small “Click-Clack” (aka futon that is more like a sofa)sofabed for the cabin. We don’t really want to buy new, but we thought we’d at least see what was out there.
No cost to look, right?
After that we filled up with gas ($3.05/gal Yikes!), and since we were up in the big city, we stopped at our favorite diner (Skylark Diner in Vestal) for a late lunch.
Sometimes I remember to take a picture at the start of the meal, sometimes I don’t. (Please don’t judge me!)
From there it was back to Montrose, a quick(ish) stop at the supermarket
and we were home in time for naps.

Now, if you just substitute soccer games, drug stores, or the garden center for some of those things, it looks just like your day, right? 🙂

Hope you had a great (or at least productive) Saturday, too!

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PS – Here’s a link to a post from awhile ago about the Cabin Clock and our fireplace in general!









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