On our way to the next adventure!

To say that this has been a Summer of Fun (for me anyway) might be an understatement. Sower Sister’s Getaways, Sister Cruise, Knoebels with some of our kids and grands…well, it’s been a downright doozy of a summer. This morning, though, we begin an adventure that’s been in the works for over 10 years. We get to take each of the grandkids for a week the summer that they’re 10, and although Maddie was pretty sure it would NEVER be her turn, here it is! We’ve packed up the house and are on our way to begin Maddie’s Great Adventure. After we get some routine Doctor visits out of the way, we’ll be snagging Maddie from her mom and dad and heading to Williamsburg, VA for a week of spoiling. Let the fun begin! 😍😍😍(This is the first time I’ve tried blogging from my phone. If it works you might get a blow by blow of the adventure. If not- watch for a recap in a week or so!)

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