A Bit of Saturday Randomness

1. I don’t mind going to the laundromat.
Unlike many full-time RV’ers (and many part-timers too!), we don’t have a washer or dryer on board. We actually have two spots that were ‘washer ready’, but it was more important to us to make use of the space. (Think fabric stash!) Often, our SOWER projects have laundry facilities available to us. This project does too. But when the pile gets big, and there’s a nice laundromat nearby, it just makes sense for us to go and get it all done at once. I love that in just over an hour I (we, actually – Gary comes too!) can come home with all our clothes, sheets and towels clean and folded.

2. Today is a cold and rainy, stay inside where it’s cozy day. Which means I’m catching up with some sewing projects, and Gary is on his 3rd nap. Rainy days are tough on my guy!
Rainy day sewing
(This is actually between projects so it’s relatively tidy. Trust me.)

3. My “Year 14” picture book was delivered this week!
Year 14
Year 14
Trying to fit a year’s worth of adventure into a book (that I can afford) is always a challenge, but I watch for coupons and try to keep to the basics.
Year 14
and people (OK, mostly grandkid people)
Year 14
and then the overflow page….
Year 14
As you can see, these books have increased in size over the years,
Year 14
and the bulk of them are stored up in the cabinet. It’s so fun looking back over the years and I’m sure our kids will treasure these in the years to come. Right?

4. Ah – the West Chapel Floor. We ladies sanded, cleaned, prepped, cleaned again, stained, washed with clear water until it ‘ran clean’, neutralized with a weak ammonia solution, and cleaned again with clear water.
When it came to the final coat of sealer, we played the “would you ask your Gramma to do this?” card, and left it for the strapping young men who work here. I hear the first coat is on and it looks great. Can’t wait to see it on Monday!
(Confession – We’re hoping for a sewing project for next week!)

5. Our vote has been cast!
Get out and VOTE everyone!

6. We did a bit of touristing yesterday, and checked out the little town of Medicine Park – “America’s Cobblestone Community”. While its claim to fame is that (most of) the buildings are made of cobblestone, we were mostly intrigued by the river that runs through it.

Medicine Park Medicine Park
Medicine Park Medicine Park

Here’s a bit more about the town, if your curiosity has been peaked!

7. The Cabin in the Fall. We haven’t been to The Cabin in October since, I don’t know, 1985? So I just love it when I get pictures from anyone who is able to get there for the fall colors. Thank you, Bethany, for sending these along. They did my heart good!

Untitled Untitled
Cabin in the fall

So there are seven random things for your Saturday! I’d better get back to those sewing projects, ’cause I’m thinkin’ when that guy wakes up from his nap, he might just be looking for some dinner. Eventually, anyway!

Thanks for stopping by!

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