Hometown Happiness

Home is where we park it these days, but there is always something special about returning to your Hometown. This past weekend I flew back to Philly to attend my (almost) 50th high school reunion. (It was combined celebration – technically mine’s not until 2019, and I wouldn’t want you to think I’m any older than I actually am!)
Since it had been well over a year since we made it to the Doylestown area, this seemed like a great time to do some catching up with friends. Gary opted not to come (he went to a different HS so he wouldn’t know anyone and while I had a long list of girl friends I wanted to see, his list was a fair bit shorter) so I filled my 4 day weekend (and my heart) with as many visits as I could!
Of course I failed to get pictures of everyone I got to see 🙁 , but here are some of the highlights –
Jan and Janet (I was staying with Janet!)
dinner with my quilting ladies (where the restaurant manager finally bribed us with baked goods so we would leave!)
breakfast with my birthday buddies, Connie & Bonnie
and of course, the High School Reunion!
I hate to admit that this is the only picture I took that whole evening! It was quite a gala affair, and I confess to being a big overwhelmed trying to find folks that I knew well in high school but had sadly lost touch with over the years. It was wonderful evening – I’m so glad I went! I just wish I had gotten more contact information from the folks that I did have a chance to visit with. Next time, right?
The weekend came to a close much too quickly, but I’m so thankful that I made the trip.
But the fun continued even when I returned to Oklahoma!
Instead of Gary picking me up, the ladies on the project came to retrieve me and we had a lovely “Ladies’ Day Out”.
It was a beautiful day to wander around Oklahoma City,
and the fact that we made a stop at a cupcake shop should not be held against us.
Besides, it made for a very colorful group shot!
We also did our part to support the local OKC economy –

By the time I made it back to my dear husband, I was exhausted.
But oh-so-full of wonderful girlfriend vibes!!

On this first day of November, the “Gratitude Month”, I want to give a thankful shout-out to all my dear girlfriends who welcome me back to town (regardless of how long it’s been) with open arms and open hearts!

5 thoughts on “Hometown Happiness”

  1. It was such a joy to have our birthday breakfast ( and cake) again. God has been so good to bless us with this time together for so many years! Glad you had such a nice time at your HS reunion, a good flight back,and another GF day! As promised, I prayed on my ride home on Saturday. An hour later Steph and her family surprised us with a visit from VA! for Bills birthday. (Jon & Dave kept a good secret.) What a great day that was. Til next time– God love & bless you.
    I love you (&Gary), too, Bonnie

  2. What wonderful friends and good times!
    So glad you made the trip(s)!
    Time to rest now for awhile.
    Shalom blessings!

  3. That birthday breakfast was a joy, wasn’t it?? Our birthday month has officially begun – and I’m so thankful I got to get an early start to it with breakfast with you two!! Till next time, for SURE!! love you back!

  4. Dale – sorry we weren’t able to connect! =( But love following along with your life on FB! Next time we’ll connect for sure!

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