Small World

Today I’m thankful for all of the “Small World” incidents that happen in this crazy life of ours.  Recently I was putting the finishing touches on the monthly SOWER newsletter when I was asked to add some additional information about the “Texas Round-up” that will be happening early next year.  Lew Sterrett from Sermon on the Mount ministries would be coming to share his “Lessons of Life and Leadership from the Language of the Horse” program.  I had heard of Lew Sterrett because he had previously been the director of Miracle Mountain Ranch (near Erie, PA) and we had worked there several summers ago. Since I wanted to put a link in the newsletter, I checked out his website.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that his ranch and ministry headquarters was in ANADARKO, OK. The very same Anadarko, OK, where we are currently parked.  How crazy is that???? Not surprisingly, Brian (the director here at Oakridge) is friends with Lew, and he was able to arrange for a last minute visit!



Super fun connection! I just love it when God reminds me how we’re all connected!

One thought on “Small World”

  1. Shalom folks,
    Yes, it is true— we are all connected by G-d and HIS breath of life in us!
    Thank you for the daily updates and the L-rd continue to bless the both of you and the crew.
    Stef and Walt, NC Mtn Lovers! Today was our first day of snow–

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