My Introvert Gene is calling

Oh, My! I honestly didn’t believe that I had an introvert bone in my body!! But after a super busy and fun 6 weeks in Waco and then a wonderful two weeks with the rest of the family in Columbus (I promise I’ll share more about that soon!), my recessive introvert gene has risen to the surface and it’s saying things to me like

We’re settling in for our first night’s rest at our January location (see Where Are We Now for more details!) and for the first time in a while we’ll be working alone. Oh, we’ve already met some sweet folks that will be working with us so we’re not ALONE alone, but by and large I’m really looking forward to a lovely, quiet, restful, month.

And since I haven’t even had the time to look through the pictures of our Columbus Christmas to share any of those, I’ll just leave you with a funky photo I took from the plane.

Love those city lights peeking up through the clouds!

Wishing you all the best in the coming year – good health, kind words, deep thoughts, and a fresh experience of God’s Grace!

4 thoughts on “My Introvert Gene is calling”

  1. YEAH!! At last a month of “maybe” not working as hard. You
    two sure deserve the rest. G-d has a time of planting, a time of harvesting and a time of rest.
    I have a sister that lives about an hour or so from you there and
    it is truly beautiful country.
    Have a great month and G-d bless and keep you both,
    Shalom Blessings,
    Your Messianic family in the Mtns. of NC

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