Waco Weekends

Ah – since our February SOWER project is just 30 miles from Waco, we’ve been spending our weekends at the house getting it ready to sell. So while I could update you on how shiny the oven is or how sparkly the windows are getting – or even how much progress Gary is making on the electric upgrade
I’d much rather share the really important parts of the weekend. Like pictures from Taran’s birthday party (he’s FOUR!!!)
or the surprise connection with friends from Doylestown who were playing tourist in Waco!
(Special thanks to Facebook where I saw that they were in town! Such an unexpected delight!)

So yes – we’re making slow and steady progress on the house. And we’re thankful for that! But we’re much more thankful for those special moments we get to share with family and friends!

Thanks for stopping by (especially after such a long lull…..)!

One thought on “Waco Weekends”

  1. Good Morning Steph and Lovey,
    So glad to hear that you are having fun, as well, as working hard
    too! We are back from our second trip this month (split) and have another one in just 2 weeks. Busy, but happy!
    Please pray for my husband’s momma. She is in her final stage
    of life, but still living at home. Third round of cancer, but this one has fully metastasized. We love her so much!
    Shalom blessings to you both,
    Stef and Walt, NC mtn. Lovers!

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