Baby, it’s Cold outside!

Which makes me all the more thankful that our first day on the job involved inside work!! There is a lovely long list of jobs to do here at Panfork, but with temps starting out in the teens today, we made sure that we started with IN rather than OUT.
Our job today was to disassemble 22 sets of bunk beds.
All four of us were busy with screwdrivers and power drills and after the first couple of sets we had a pretty good system going.
By the end of the morning (ok, it was closer to 1 PM) we had all the beds apart and neatly piled.
The guys went back after lunch and took down the cubbies on the wall and the job for the day was complete.
And tomorrow?
There’s an identical room, with identical bunk beds on the other side of the building.
And since it’s going to be bitter cold again tomorrow, we will once again be thankful for inside work!

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