A Quick Catch-up


I’m sitting here in McDonald’s in Kosciusko, Mississippi, taking advantage of some decent cell phone service and a nice clear WiFi signal. We’ve been having a great project, but with our limited connectivity I haven’t been able to do any updates.  Gary’s getting a bit antsy to get on our way so…..

Good News – the kitchen sink saga has been resolved without having to throw away the entire rig.
Everything seemed to spring a leak – incoming, outgoing, filter- during the repair, but eventually all was returned to normal.

More good news – the project is going very well. The rain finally stopped and we’ve been blessed a lovely string of beautiful days! Work is going well (more on that in a later post) and probably the hardest thing about work in that in the room right next to my work area THIS is happening –
Oh, the Smells!!!

Looks like my internet time is about to end – can you see that red truck through the window? Pretty sure the engine is running!

Thanks for stopping by (and for your patience between posts!)

4 thoughts on “A Quick Catch-up”

  1. I would SO struggle with the smell of fresh bread! One of my favorites-right out of the oven – yum!!

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