Over so soon???

We’re starting to get ready to move on down the road, but before I get too involved with tucking away things and pulling out the bungee cords, I thought I’d do a quick wrap up about our time here at French Camp Academy (FCA). This is such an interesting place – mostly Christian boarding school, but also community center, historic area (including a café, pottery shop, and bed and breakfast among other delights!), observatory, and summer camp. Our work was concentrated mostly on the school campus, where the guys and half of the gals were working on a 5-plex staff building.
Plumbing, electrical, windows, painting – so much was accomplished at that house!

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Meanwhile, the remaining two ladies (that would include me) were happily sewing away over at our meeting room.
Come spring, FCA will be hosting a big Founders’ Day Celebration. That’s going to require lots of costumes for all of the participants, and in an effort to get a bit ahead of the game (especially since she had some Sewing SOWERS this month) we started in on making or remaking costumes. I must say it’s been a good long while since I’ve sewed detailed (as in pin-tucks and set in sleeves (with a gusset no less!)), but it was a fun challenge! Let me just say that the second one went much faster than the first one did!
We also made aprons (4 with bibs and kerchiefs), and even a simple dress to put under the aprons!
Some of us ladies even expanded our horizons to include millinery skills in the afternoon!
Who knew??
Overall, lots was accomplished this month in the ‘work’ department. But I think what really made this project stand out were the people we interacted with. At every turn folks were engaging us with kindness and thankfulness. We enjoyed evenings out with families and friends,
got together with several other SOWER couples who live in the area
and even managed a connection with our friends from Oakridge Camp in Oklahoma, who were down at their sister camp, Pineview, in nearby Kosciusko.
On our off time we (well, Gary mostly) kept busy getting the trucks changed over (It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates in a truck over the years. Even found Gary’s missing Passport – so that’s a really good thing!) and getting the new one ready to tow. I’ve been working on some sewing projects (when I wasn’t working on my hat-making skills), and generally trying to keep on top of life in general. We struggled some with limited phone serve and sketchy internet, but all in all we’ve made it work and have enjoyed our time here. We’ve worked with great people,
at a Christ-honoring ministry that is touching the lives of young and old alike, and have come to the conclusion once again, that we are blessed beyond measure to be able to do what God has called us to do!

Now I’d better get back to those “we’re pulling out on Wednesday” chores!

Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to see a couple more photos from the month you can find them HERE. =)

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