February Goals

As I finished up my absolutely wonderful, spectacularly memorable and precious beyond words time with my sisters late this past week, I asked the question “How can we pray specifically for each other?” Of course, we’re always praying for each other’s health and family, but I was looking for a something more specific, more personal. Interestingly, we each asked for prayer that we would be more consistent with different forms of writing. Joie and Elna wanted to become more disciplined in writing notes of encouragement to family and friends, and I shared how I wanted to be doing a better job with this blog and with possibly crafting some articles/stories for submissions to different publications.

We’ve all returned home and life has picked up right where we left it! Joie will soon be welcoming a new grand baby and helping out with his/her four siblings.  Elna will be returning to her cancer treatment regimen.  I’ll be back to SOWER work and all that entails.   I’m not sure what my “doing a better job with this blog” will actually look like, but one of my strategies will be to do a post a day for the month of February.   So watch out – and Sisters,  keep praying!

Till tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “February Goals”

  1. A post a day! I just need to post something, anything! I took a photo of the ridiculously small space I on my cutting table where I was trying to create my annual Valentines. And then I finished my valentines. There are two posts right there. Need to just do it. *sigh*

  2. Hello! You can do it!!! First of all – you did all those Valentines!! I’m still recovering from my Christmas sewing. I think we need to get a game of Words going, don’t you????

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