February Third

February Third is a lot of things to a lot of different people.  For food lovers, it’s National Carrot Cake Day. If you’re a dog lover, fear not – today is also National Golden Retriever Day.  And of course, this year it’s also the National Recover from the Super Bowl Day, which is being celebrated in different forms in different areas of our great land. (I had no skin in the game regardless of who won or lost, but I will say it was a pretty fine game of football overall!) But I digress.

In the history books you might not be aware that today in 1690 the first paper money in America was issued by the colony of Massachusetts. The currency was used to pay soldiers fighting a war against Quebec. (Ah, paper money. Less jingle in the pockets!)

It was also on February third in 1783 that Spain first recognized the United States as an independent country.  (Kinda slow on the uptake, boys!)

On 02/03/1815 the world’s first commercial cheese factory was established in Switzerland. (Thank goodness!)

Of course, lots of famous people were also born on February 3rd through the years.
1368 – Charles VI, King of France
1809 – Felix Mendelssohn – German Composer and pianist
1811 – Horace Greeley – who coined the phrase “Go West, young man!”
1894 – Norman Rockwell – artist and illustrator
1907 – James A. Michener – American novelist
2003 – Eliana Grace Conrad – Artist

OK, so that last one might not (yet) be quite as famous as some of the others, but she’s pretty famous in our family. Ellie ushered in the new (and wonderful) era of grandparenthood for us and she will always hold that extra special place of being our First. She was the only grandchild that was born before we began our Rving adventure, and the only one to ever visit us at our ‘sticks and bricks’ home in Pennsylvania. Today that precious squishy baby girl

turns a beautiful 17!

She’s smart, she kind, she’s talented, she’s beautiful and she is (above all else) a follower of Jesus. We give thanks daily for her and feel so blessed that we get to call her our very own first grandchild!

Happy Birthday, Ellie!!

Love, love and more love,

Grams and Pops

Footnote: Historical information was retrieved from the this webpage
Special Day information was found here.

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