One of my favorite things

is introducing a new family member! Yesterday we welcomed into the clan a new great-niece, Faith Abigail.

She’s about to be spoiled by her three big brothers and one (overjoyed) big sister – and of course her Mom and Dad. For my sister Joie and her hubby Fitz this is grandchild number 20 – crazy, right?  I love to think about how our family has grown –
Generation one – Mom and Dad =2
Generation two – Elna, Joie, Stephanie and Dewey (plus spouses) =8
Generation three – 13 cousins (plus spouses) =24
Generation four – 39 cousins/second cousins (and we’re not done yet!)

What a marvelous, wonderful, fantabulous family we have!  Thank you, Lord, for these precious blessings!

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