Sisters’ Winter Getaway – Part I

It was in late summer this past year that we sisters decided that waiting an ENTIRE year before our next “Girls’ Week” was unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.  We didn’t know what a mid-year getaway would look like, but our wheels were beginning to turn. Since I was already planning to be in Florida from January through March we started hatching a plan.  I started looking at AirBnB type rentals on the west coast and the sisters started looking at flying into Tampa. Then an amazing thing happened. When a dear friend of Elna’s, Andi, heard that we were trying to put together a “Florida Plan”, she offered her family’s condo in Pompano Beach. January is her family’s month to use the condo, and they weren’t planning on using it.  How kind! How wonderful!  How unexpected! Our focus changed from West Coast to East Coast, and they started looking at flights into Ft. Lauderdale.  The dates were set, the availability confirmed, and the airline tickets were procured.  Oh my, this was really going to happen!! We didn’t know anything about the condo except it was on the third floor, there was an elevator and it was in Pompano Beach.  But that was all we needed to know! We invited Andi to join us (it was her place, after all!), and were pleased that she was able to make those arrangements.
All three ladies were flying in on the same day with just a little time difference and my job was to pick them up at the airport. (Special thanks (and I mean SPECIAL thanks) to Gary who gave up his truck for 10 days so this getaway could happen!) I made sure I arrived in daylight so I could scope out the new territory.  I also thought I’d work on getting some of my stuff into the condo before the truck got filled up with the other travelers.  I had the gate code and the code into the “stack” and I knew where the key was hidden. I thought I was set. Here’s my conversation with the gatekeeper, Vern, as I pulled up to the gate.
Him -Hello! Who are you here to see?
Me – We’ll be in the third floor condo on the first stack, but I’m not sure of whose name it’s registered in.
Him – Well, how long are you planning on staying?
Me – Ten Days
Him – Ma’am, there’s a problem with that.
Me – Well…and I began to throw out every bit of information I had. Andi’s maiden name, the name of the neighbor, the fact that others will be joining me that have more information…..
Him – Ma’am, that’s not the problem.
Me – I’m sorry, just what is the problem then?
Him – The truck.
Me – The truck?
Him – It’s against the association rules for any kind of truck to be parked here overnight.
Me – Now that IS a problem!  Even a pretty red truck like this?
Him – Yes – even a pretty red truck like yours.   Didn’t anyone tell you about these restrictions?
Me – No – but then again, I don’t know that I ever told the owner I was driving a truck. (Turn’s out that Andi was not aware of the policy anyway!)
Him – Let me make a couple of calls and I’ll see what we can work out.

A couple of minutes pass as he tries to reach someone official, all the while directing cars around me (you know, in the giant truck). Finally he comes back to my window.
Him – OK, I’ve gotten permission from the chairman of the board that you can park you truck here JUST THIS ONE TIME. But you have to park all the way in the back behind the dumpsters.
Me – Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Just tell me where to park and I promise we’ll  follow all the rules.

Here was our stack –

And here is where I had to park the truck –

It was a bit of a rocky start to our adventure, but I have to tell you we got a lot of chuckle mileage about the No Truck rule over the course of the next few days. And needless to say, Vern and I (and Paul, the weekend guy) were best buds by the time we left and I’m sure they’re still talking about those crazy ladies in the pretty red truck!

More adventures to come…..

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