Sisters’ Winter Getaway – Part II

Scooting about!

How thankful we were that Elna decided to rent a scooter! Although she rarely used any auxiliary help when navigating inside the condo, and kept her crutches close for an occasional short jaunt, the scooter was an invaluable part of our Florida adventure. It was used for shopping
for walks in the neighborhood
and even walks inside the condo compound.
What would we have done without it when we took a trip to Shark Valley in the Everglades where they just strapped that baby onto the tram and off we went!

Not to mention the fact that it enabled her to get to the top of the observation tower to get a panorama view of the Everglades.
It even worked well at the pool!
One of the things that concerned us as Elna researched scooter rentals was the fact that Joie and I were going to have to wrangle that baby into and out of the back of the pick-up truck. I knew we would make it work somehow, but we were greatly relieved when we realized that this particular model breaks down into four piece. Yes, the batteries were still heavy and yes, some of the parts were a little awkward, but it didn’t take us too long to develop a finely honed routine in assembling and disassembling this wonderful little piece of machinery!

What a pit crew!

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