The Fellowship Component

I know I’ve shared a lot about different SOWER jobs we done over the years, and this project has been no exception. But one thing I sometimes fail to mention is the wonderful fellowship that we have each month.  We don’t often work such a large (10 couples) project, so even our break time seems like a party in the making.
(This was on a cool morning last week. These days we’re all looking for shade!).
We’ve worshiped with these good folks, shared meals with them, attended a local gospel concert with some and tonight we had a lovely hot dog roast/potluck with not only our group but also some SOWER Alumni that live in the area.
It was actually kind of warm to be clustered by the fire, so we let the men do most of the cooking.
It was a lovely evening of sharing stories and blessings and some pretty fine food! After dinner some of us retired for a round of “Sluff”, a classic SOWER card game.

Although our neighborhood changes each month, our fellowship connections come quickly. It truly is one of the best parts about being a SOWER.

Thanks for stopping by – and don’t worry, Sisters’ Winter Getaway – Part III is coming soon!!

4 thoughts on “The Fellowship Component”

  1. Being and alumnus, I would say that the fellowship is what we would miss the most, but in our circumstance God so graciously brought several SOWER couples to retire to our park so we can continue to fellowship with our SOWER Christ followers. What joy!

  2. Fellowship is such a huge (and wonderful) part of SOWERS! Love that our Father supplied that need for you as you retired from active SOWER work!

  3. Even in 80 degrees, the campfire was a delightful component for the evening! Don’t think anything tastes better than a campfire hot dog eaten with friends!

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