Mondays are for Memories – Sisters’ Winter Getaway, Final Reflection

Usually when I’m putting together something for my “Mondays are for Memories” posts I just chose a post from the past (whether randomly or not). But today I wanted to wrap up the “Sisters’ Winter Getaway” series and since that is still such a fresh memory, brought back so many memories, and was so memorable, that I figured it would work. (Plus, I pretty much make up the rules here at RvThereYet, so who’s to say I’m wrong?)

Before I go any farther, though, I want to give a word of encouragement to any Mom out there who has young daughters who are NOT as close as you would like. I’m sure there are days when just keeping them alive makes it a good day! Do not despair! We three sisters were no exception to the hormone angst of tween and teen girls.

As the youngest of the girls, I know I went back and forth between being on “Team Elna” or “Team Joie”, and these days it’s pretty hilarious how each of us remembers certain events. But although our growing up years were pretty sister-typical, our adult years have been blessed with a steady increase of affection.  I believe a large part of that is not only do we share parents and a brother (Hi, Dewey!), we also share a deep and abiding love of Jesus.  Those two things, familial ties and faith, have bonded us and kept us close through babies, health crisis’s, the loss of our parents, and the bumpy road we call life.  We are so blessed to call each other sisters and best friends.

We do not take our treasured relationship for granted.  We are reminded often that no one is promised tomorrow.  Those 10 no-plan, low-stress, laughter filled days in January were perfect for us, and we will be forever grateful for them.   I think my brother-in-law said it beautifully when I thanked him for being willing to let his sweet wife be gone for so long. His reply –
“I am surviving and will see Joie soon, so all is well! Those times are so precious and important to you all. I am actually thrilled that the LORD worked it out in such an unexpected way. His ways and thoughts are always far above ours and why should we be so surprised when He blesses us in unusual ways?”

We have indeed been blessed in unusual ways, far above what we had imagined when we first discussed a mid-winter plan. To Andi and her family for allowing us to stay in such luxury, to Gary who willingly let us use that shiny red truck (leaving him car-less), to the husbands who survived pseudo-bachelorhood so we sisters could be together, I offer our heartfelt thanks. And for our kind God who worked all things together for our good, we give Him all the Glory!

2 thoughts on “Mondays are for Memories – Sisters’ Winter Getaway, Final Reflection”

  1. What a sweet post! I love how as adults we can put all those childish hurts and offenses aside and cherish how precious our siblings are. But I think it is only because of Jesus that this is so. When we realize how much we are loved and forgiven we can let all that old baggage go. I am truly blessed to be so close to my brothers.
    Hugs to you and to your precious sisters.

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