This Extra Day

Did you have a good Leap Day? Ours was a little different in that we went to a funeral. It’s not often that we get to say a final good-bye to a SOWER friend, let alone join in her celebration of life. Let me go back to the beginning….
We met Dave and Edie on our third SOWER project, Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont, FL. It was our first big group
Green Isle Group
(That’s Dave and Edie standing behind us, if you can recognize the 2005 us!) and we were just a little overwhelmed. Okay, a lot overwhelmed. Dave and Edie, along with several other dear couples, took us newbies under their wing (wings?) and were a tremendous help to us as we started this SOWER journey. They encouraged us to go to our first SOWER reunion, and keep on serving our LORD.  I’m not going to tell you that we stayed in constant contact, but that didn’t really matter. A special bond was formed and time and distance did not diminish it.
While we never actually worked a SOWER project together with them again, we saw them at the SOWER FL reunion in 2007 and we connected in 2010 when we stopped at their home in N. Chili, NY and did some sightseeing along the Erie Canal.
The following year we met up with them for a lovely dinner with friends in Lake Wales when we were traveling through the area.
Lake Aurora Reunion-3

UntitledAh, Edie! You and Dave were such an encouragement to Gary and I, and even though we might not have connected often in the flesh, I believe we have always been connected in our hearts.  Heaven’s gain is surely our loss. We are so thankful that we were able to join in the celebration of your beautiful life today – and were able to give that Dave of yours some good SOWER family hugs! You will be missed, dear friend!
Love from your ‘newbie’ SOWER friend,


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