How can it be?

It was 34 years ago. I was going on and on (you know me, I am quite skilled in that) about how I just couldn’t believe that my baby was turning 5.

“How can it be? “
“How can you be five already???”
“Please stop growing up so fast!”
That little boy looked at me solemnly with his big eyes (and equally big glasses) and said,
“Mommy, Jesus wants me to grow.”
And grow he did. Oh, there were still moments when I failed to recognize this growth as he moved into adulthood,
JandH 09
(and we have some classic family stories to go with that), but here we are.
All growed up – and I bet having some of those same “Please stop growing up so fast!” moments!

Happy Birthday, dear youngest son of ours!! We are so thankful for the man, husband and daddy you have become. Enjoy this last year of being “thirty-something”! May our great God continue to lead you in the days and years to come! We LOVE you!

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