Almost there

Because I am essentially married to a Super Hero, we’ve made some good headway on our Electric Crisis.  With the new inverter on order, Gary got to work changing the wiring to bypass the malfunctioning unit. So the good news is that  we have our outlets back (i.e. microwave, TV, etc.). The bad news is without the inverter the house batteries (remember all our 12v lights) are not charging.  We checked out purchasing a battery charger to hold us over until the new unit arrives, but at a cost of almost $100, it seemed more economical to just run the truck for a spell each day to charge up the batteries. Oh, and be very prudent about turning on (and off) lights!  Imagine my delight when I remembered that I had a small desk lamp (the kind you PLUG IN!) stashed away in one of my storage bins!

Voila! A little mood lighting!

In other “Shelter In Place” events, we ventured out to the laundromat today. We stuffed everything into one jumbo washer, pressed any buttons with our knuckles or elbows, and brought it all home to be folded. I think it was probably our fastest laundry run ever! (Unfolded laundry may or may not still be on the bed.)

Amidst all of the uncertainty of these days we still have so much to be thankful for! Yesterday I spoke with all of my kids and got to hear first hand how they are all dealing with jobs and kids and life in this new (temporary) normal.  They are well – and we are well.  Thank you, LORD!

We are resting in His Grace to be sure!




Today’s header photo is from our drive in Alaska (2009).  =)



3 thoughts on “Almost there”

  1. Ok, I just laughed at the comment about the laundry. You two have way too much fun👍❤😊

  2. Great to hear youse guys are being safe and secure. We are doing ok, glad we have relatives near to runn errands for us occasionally

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