Breaking Out

Yesterday we ‘broke out’ of our little corner of the world to run some (what I considered to be) essential errands. Important stuff like laundry and coffee filters! The grocery store was reasonably stocked (no Clorox wipes or anything like that, but food was available), the laundry wasn’t very crowded (point of interest – it’s really hard to determine if your clothes are dry when you are wearing gloves), and our quick run into the post office for stamps was easy-peasy.  To finish out our excursion, we even tried to find the actual town of Middleburg (not just the commerce strip where the stores are).  We located Main Street and while we drove past some lovely old homes, we never found what we would consider to be an old town square.  But we did find the boat access to the North Fork Black Creek, which at least gave me a little walk and a lovely view of the river/creek.

It was good to be out and about!

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