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Finishing up and packing up

Yep, it looks like a departure tomorrow morning might just become a reality! Today was super productive –
I finished cleaning up the inside panels of the front sign
and then Gary installed the new LED bulbs.
Once we checked to make sure the lights worked (always a good idea before you put something back together!), we recruited some helpers and put the sign back together.
(It really was heavy, though my face might be just a little more expressive than it needed to be! We had to hold it up while Gary screwed it in at the bottom.)
We left the cleaning up of the inside of the outside (behind the glass, that would be) to the church folks, though a part of me really (and I mean REALLY) wanted to straighten out those letters!

Once the sign was done, Gary worked on cleaning up his tools and I consolidated my sewing stuff and worked on moving it from the church back into the house. Then we headed off for one last trip to the laundromat and supermarket (masked of course), and we wisely returned home the way we came! The rest of the afternoon was lovely and quiet – the real rush to pack up and go will come in the morning!
Once it got dark, we went out to see how the sign looked.
Oh, my! A beacon in the night!! The guy who does the letters better get on the job – there’s no missing this mish-mash now!
(Full disclosure – the letters on that side of the sign looked fine until we laid it on the ground to do the electrical work. The other side looked just fine!)

As we turned around to walk back to the rig, I was struck with how nicely lit the exterior was –
Gary didn’t chose the placement of those outdoor lights, but I’m so glad he got them installed! And I know the folks here at FCOG are delighted too!!

Tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early to finish up our ‘getting ready to move’ chores. Gary’s been itching to be on our way for a while now, so it will be good to be finally moving. As a bonus, we’re hoping to be able to see some friends and family along the way – in a responsible socially distant kind of way, of course!

Praying you have a blessed Sabbath, where ever you tune in!


4 thoughts on “Finishing up and packing up”

  1. How long were you there and where is your next assignment? Safe travels🙏😊🥰❤

  2. Happy to see you are still on the job that others like me wish we could still do. Have a safe and sound trip. # 2326 I think.

  3. We were at the FL project for about 4 weeks – and now we’re settled in East Tennessee at Doe River Gorge Ministries! It’s beautiful here – and not so hot! Just working our way north!

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