The Best Getting here in a while!

I would have to say that lately when we’ve been moving from one location to another, our goal has been to get there. We haven’t done many stops along the way (except for fuel) in a good long while. And with the current COVID19 climate, the less stops the better, right? Well, as we plotted out our course from N. Florida to Eastern TN, we realized that we would be driving right by some good folks that we hadn’t seen in quite awhile. Seemed to us like a great time to add some friends and family stops to our travels.
We left Middleburg (FL) a little before 9AM on Sunday –
just in time to enjoy worshiping with our favorite Washington, DC church while we ambled down the road.
In fact, Church was just wrapping up as we pulled into the Winn-Dixie parking lot just off I95 in Brunswick, GA. Friends that we hadn’t seen in almost 10 years met us and took us to their home for a lovely early lunch. It was so wonderful to catch up with Drew and Francis (and their son Kevin) – we really tried to resist, but gentle (face averted) hugs did happen! After lunch they took us to see Drew’s latest venture – The Village Oven. It’s closed, of course, but we were able to see what a delightful little bistro it was/is – and will be again, we trust! Like most small businesses, so many things are up in the air with them, but they are still trusting the LORD to see them through! We’ll certainly be praying for them in the days to come as the economy begins to wake-up. And the bread begins to bake again!

Next time through that area we will definitely try to stay longer!

But back on the road it was! There were a couple of interesting things that happened along the way….
Here’s Gary being Gary –
He’s in the orange shirt, getting ready to help the fellow fix the tire on his tow dolly. I figured there were enough people milling around on the shoulder of a busy interstate, so I stayed put and prayed!
An hour or so later we came upon this….
Yikes! The people were well away from the car and the state police were pulling up as we drove by, so that is all we did. We drove by.
By late afternoon we were heating up our leftover pizza at a (surprisingly quiet) rest stop on I26 and settling in for the night.

As we set out the next morning we were thrilled to see those mountains in the distance. Oh, it’d been a while since we’d seen mountains!
Now it did mean that we were going to have to climb those mountains…
and then go down the other side,
(that was the second runaway truck ramp on the decline!)
but that was all well and good, because before we knew it we were meeting my niece in the Walmart parking lot in Hendersonville and joining her, my nephew and his wife and 4 beautiful kiddos for a lovely (though too short!) visit.

Careful hugs may or may not have happened. (Who am I trying to kid – of course there was (limited) hugging!)
Before we knew it, it was time to get back on the road. Up over another mountain (or were there two?) and we were at Doe River Gorge Ministries, our sheltering spot for the next several weeks.

In these days of of #stayhome and #shelterinplace directives,  it was just over-the-top wonderful to make those connections.   Zooming and FaceTime are amazing technologies, but to be truly face-to-face – now that’s a joy filled experience!

Thanks for coming along – praying you all are staying safe and well connected with family, even as we all navigate this “new normal”!


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  1. I knew you were somewhere nearby – but don’t have your contact info any more! Maybe we could meet up and catch up!

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