Made it to May!

It’s May!!! Finally, right?  Did that just seem like the looonnnnggggest April in history?? Aside from my doing a blog post every day there was this other Corona-something that seemed to be dominating the airwaves.  And since I’m pretty sure that this Corona-thing (and the repercussions from it) will continue to dictate what the next month or two or year or so will look like, I’ll try to keep up with the posting! Oh, I may miss a day or two, and some days it might just a picture or a thought, but I’ve loved feeling connected with all ya’all this last month and I’m not quite ready to give that up!  So let’s hear it for Every Day in May – and see where that might just lead us!

To get us started with some loveliness, here’s a photo from our visit to Augusta, GA in May of 2007
Antique Roses

4 thoughts on “Made it to May!”

  1. Love hearing from you! Your travels are now at a standstill? Bummer! Wherever we roamed, we were always “at home”. Didn’t mind sheltering in place, but not for this loonnggg at a time. Our daughter and her hubby gave us a lovely place to be quarantined! And the climate is quite agreeable.

  2. Hi, Betsy! Glad you are safe and well with your daughter! We are still doing our best to ‘move about the country’, but we are taking it one day at a time! At least in our ‘shelter in place’ world, we can safely move our ‘place’! Stay well! Loved hearing from you too!

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