Lovely last day

Today was a travel day

And it was a good day-we certainly got where we needed to go with minimal stress. Ok, driving through Cincinnati in the late afternoon was a bit stressful, and I may have been gripping my seat cushion a little tighter than usual, but all in all it was an ok travel day.
But yesterday, now that was a lovely last day at Doe River Gorge! It wasn’t an especially pretty day – cool and rainy in the morning (perfect for laundry and pre-trip tidying) and warming with just a hint of sun in the afternoon- perfect for a sweet visit from family!
My niece Chris and three great nieces came over after lunch for a little camp exploring.

I’ll be honest, I saw more of the camp with those sweeties than I had in the weeks we’d been at the camp. (This was totally my fault – I just hadn’t taken the time or made the effort!)
For the first time I made it across the river

And checked out the cabins along the river’s edge

It was a great little hike but we had to cut it short. We had a train ride through the gorge on the docket!

Such fun!

We could only go so far until some results from last week’s strong winds sent us back the other way!

The older girls switched sides and back we went!

Uncle Gary even came along on this train ride!

It was, all in all, a lovely way to wrap up our time in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee! We were so thankful to see some of our NC family before we left the area and also fun to show off this beautiful camp!

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  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. We loved working at Doe River. We need to get back there. So many places to go, so little time.
    Debbie Wall

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