This I have learned….

If I don’t do my blogging in the morning BEFORE I head into the house to spend time with the grands, I’m too brain dead by the end of the day to put more than a couple of sentences together! So, until tomorrow morning, when I plan to do a bit of The Great Bedroom Shuffle update, here’s what I got for ya –

The pictures from yesterday were from Zion National Park in Utah. We only spent a day there, but it was amazing!! For a couple more pictures and a bit of commentary about our time there, here is the original post!

And as a quick preview of tomorrow’s post – here are the grands who will be moving into this basement ‘suite’ once it’s complete. I think they were pretending to be helping here – though I’m not really sure about those scissors!
See ya tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “This I have learned….”

  1. Yeah!!!! I was right. We were at that same place a few years ago, beautiful

  2. There are so many beautiful spots at Zion! Actually, in Utah. No, in the United States!! Thanks for guessing!

  3. Ok, yes, i’m Still catching up on your blog. I just read about your visit to Zion NP and then the test drive you did up to Cedar Breaks. That national monument is one of my most favorites. It took my breath away when we visited in Sept, 2019. We drove it between Cedar City and Kanab a month later in our 45’ motorhome with tow vehicle. Yikes! Made it safely with the Lord co-piloting (or probably piloting). Hope you have made it back there. It is a spectacular amphitheater.

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