The Answer and a Postscript

The pictures from yesterday were taken early in our adventure (like October 2004 early) at Providence Canyon State Park, aka Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon! Interestingly, this impressive canyon is less than 200 years old, having been formed by poor farming practices in the mid 1800!

Here is a little video from a local TV station that has a little more information!

We would highly recommend a visit if you are ever even remotely close!

And as a postscript from Tuesday’s post – here are those sweet boys waiting in the airport for my arrival!

Oh yeah. All the feels!

One thought on “The Answer and a Postscript”

  1. Dolly and I visited the GA Grand Canyon after you guys told us about it. It was all you described. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a picture of Dolly sitting on a rail fence nearby. Special memory thanks to you guys.

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