So where are we now? Rock Mtn Bible Camp – NE Pennsylvania

June 5 – June 25 (+/-)

Like most of you, I imagine, our summer plans have been turned topsy-turvy by this pandemic thing we’re all going through.  We THOUGHT we had a good plan to work some New York projects (ones we hadn’t been to before), take a month off to spend time at the cabin culminating with an All Family Family reunion, and maybe even get to see some friends along the way.  This was not to be. Our New York SOWER projects were both canceled and just this week the decision was (sadly) made to postpone our long awaited reunion until next summer. Sigh.  Hearts are heavy indeed these days.

When we checked with the SOWER office to see just where we could be useful, it turned out that the one Pennsylvania project we had not yet served at was open for volunteers, and there was another couple who wanted to sign up but were waiting for a Group Leader to sign up first.  Yep, that’d be us.  So we’re still working at a “new to us” project – Rock Mountain Bible Camp, but the lovely part is that it is quite close to Montrose Bible Conference where we’re practically family! (In fact we got to visit with some of those good folks today! So great!)

We haven’t met with our host to get our official assignments yet, but I know they have lots for us to do. Their summer is looking pretty atypical these days too, so they are happy for the help. We’ll also be working with a brand new SOWER couple and that is always exciting.

The rest of the summer is still being ‘fine-tuned’ it seems, so we’re waiting to see just where the LORD would have us go!

Thanks for coming along!


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  1. Glad to have you join us this month!! Looking forward to meeting you.

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