Brain Fog, but Heart Full

I’m suffering from a bit of COVID Confusion these days. From Tennessee to Ohio to Texas, back to Ohio and now in Pennsylvania – what’s open, what’s not, what requires masks, who has one way isles, where can we eat out (Inside? Outside? Takeout only?) and WHEN CAN I GET MY HAIR CUT??? So many questions for my little brain to process.
But while my brain is in over-drive, my heart is very full! Over the last two weeks I’ve been able to see all but one of my grandkids, and even without a pandemic, that doesn’t happen very often. So in brief summary –
The Great Bedroom Shuffle and the Marysville Clan-
Gary made great progress on the drywall in the basement and while they aren’t quite up to the ‘ready to paint’ stage, they are certainly getting close!

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Now that baby sister Everly has arrived
that basement ‘suite’ has a new sense of urgency! But then again, pretty sure she won’t be needing her own room for a bit! Especially with all those brothers and sisters lining up for their turn to hold her!
I’ m so thankful that we were able to stick around long enough to meet that little one! We are already very much in love!

Our Gahanna Gang
With all of the quarantine restrictions, we only got to see this sweet family a couple of times (and only saw Ellie on a video chat). But they were precious times nonetheless!
Alex 2020
That little girl is growing up Way Too Fast!

The Waco Cowboys
My main purpose in making the trip to Waco was to help with the move into their new house outside of town. Since they didn’t have a deadline to be out of their previous house, the move was an ongoing process. Oh, I managed to unpack a couple of boxes and did my share of making sure the new cabinets were ready to be filled, but I think primarily I was there to just be an extra set of hands in an already very busy household! Everyone was super excited about the move and Josiah and Abigail have some big plans for their new homestead. I was just pretty excited to be hanging out with these littles!
(Abigail worked hard to get that Grams and boys shot –

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

I think the only one who was ready with each shot was little Deacon on my lap!)

What a great (even if it was exhausting) family filled couple of weeks! I may still get confused why there are so many PA license plates in the parking lot (oh, right – we’re IN Pennsylvania), but that’s OK.  We’re right where we believe God wants us to be – and for us, that’s the right place to be!

Thanks for sharing in my joy at spending time with the ‘grands’!




If you’d like to see additional photos – (’cause you know I took more!) Basement Reno
Ohio Visit
Waco Week


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