The Answer and a New Location

Thanks for the guesses, friends! It is a deserted mining community, but not in Colorado. This is the Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark in Kennecott, AK. It was quite a jaunt to get back there (back in 2009 – it might be more accessible these days), but we found it immensely interesting. HERE’S the blog post from our adventure that day! If you’re planning an Alaskan adventure in the future, try to add this to your “must see” list!

But in real time…..
We have arrived at our new location for our August SOWER project month. Potomac Park Retreat Center in Falling Waters, WV. We’ll be the only SOWERS here this month, so I’m sure they’ll keep us busy. We’re meeting with the director for more details in the morning but we’ve already checked out the Potomac Perk – Coffee and Cones – which is right on the campus here. Ice cream within walking distance. This could be trouble.
We’ll also be visiting nearby family and friends and taking care of some (routine) doctoring. All in all, it promises to be a good month!

(Check out the maps over on the Where Are We Now? page for more detail on our location.)

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