Year 16 is in the Books –

Happy Life on The Road Anniversary to us!! Today marks the completion of sixteen years of traveling around the country in our trusty RV, Lizzie, helping out where we can and getting to experience this amazing country (and Canada too!). I was looking back at some other “Anniversary Posts”, and thought that the one I wrote last year did a pretty good job of summarizing the wonder that we feel at the life we have been led to live. Here you go –

Fifteen Sixteen Years of driving new roads and old roads, and willing to be surprised about what’s around the next corner.
Road to Hoover Dam-8
2011 Calendar saguaro-1
2011 Calendar7
Road Shots New Years 2016-33

Fifteen Sixteen years of living in 300 square feet with this guy –
cfc 36
and loving him more with each passing year.
Gary Auction

Fifteen Sixteen years of following the LORD’s calling and serving Him at ministries all around the country. From little camps in Arkansas
to rescue missions in Arizona
Morning Commute-8
to international ministries in Idaho
Nate Saint Plane
to missionary training centers in Pennsylvania,

we’ve been honored and blessed to see God at work.

Fifteen Sixteen years – from the minutia
Walk to the Pond-13
to the top of the world.
Top of the World Hwy-5
We never could’ve imagined all the places God would take us when we set out on this “One Year, maybe Two” journey on August 1, 2004.
To Him be all the Praise and Glory!!

8 thoughts on “Year 16 is in the Books –”

  1. 16 yrs, amazing, we are CONRAD WANNABES!!! we aren’t even 1/2 way there. Gail

  2. Dear Steph and Gary,
    I have followed you for four or five years and been blessed by your posts. I’ve also laughed and sung to Sunday music videos and prayed for your ministry.

    May you continue to safely serve our Lord.


  3. I remember the day in the church parking lot you unveiled your motor home😍 You guys are rock stars with such a heart for serving the Kingdom! I can only imagine the mansion you will have in heaven👏👏👏 It will be well dispersed!
    If you pass our new home off I-40 in Yukon OK give us a shout and we’ll feed you will. We live next to Brian and he’d love to see you too!

  4. Thanks, Doug and Laurie! Yes – we give God all the Glory as He has led us on this unexpected (16 year long) journey!

  5. Thank you, Char for your words of encouragement! So glad to have had you “come along” with us on this journey!

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