Noah Birthday 2019


September Third is a pretty important day in our family! 10 years ago we celebrated the birth of our first grandson – Noah!
Noah Dec 2010
It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since that day – but it’s been oh-so-fun to watch him grow! He’s smart and funny, a little goofy sometimes (like 10 year old boys are supposed to be!), and a wonderful big brother to his new baby sister.
Happy Birthday, Noah – Welcome to the Double Digits!

Today is also a special day in that 49 years ago we said “I do”.
GarySteph Wedding
Yes, we were kids. No, we didn’t have a clue how hard it would be. Thanks to LOTS of grace and the kind providence of God, here we are – still friends, still in love, still ‘dancing in the minefields” in our little 300 square foot house on wheels.

And we give God all the glory for these years we have been blessed with.
And all God’s people said “Amen!”

6 thoughts on “Celebrate!!!”

  1. Wow ! You were just kids, but then you still act like kids. In a good sort of way!!! Congratulations 👍🤗 enjoy your special day 💐

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