Still for a spell

Our time “In Transit” for the last two (plus) weeks has been busy and full. Full of hugs and love and friends and kids and grands. There are more stories to tell (starting with Ohio Days – Part Two), but for now we are just happy to be still.  After day’s delay, this morning we hit the road for Lindale.
(No, we were not doing the speed limit. Yikes!)
We arrived after a perfectly boring 3 hour drive, and got settled nicely in the quiet (for now) SOWER RV parking spot behind the office. For the next two weeks Gary will be preparing for the SOWER Board meeting at the end of the month along with doing some house projects, and I’ll be working on some sewing projects, some photo organization, some file purging, some nap taking and some late sleeping. Maybe even some book reading! An extra bonus is that we have lots of friends in the neighborhood, so I’m sure there will also be some SOWER socializing! All in all, I’m thinking it’ll be a good couple of weeks.

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