Our New Spot

We’ve arrived at our “October home” – Lake Lavon Camp, just outside of Princeton, TX.
This is a great location, with lots of lake frontage, and it might look like we’re really in the middle of nowhere. However, if I pan out with my Google Maps, you can see
we’re really just outside of the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area! In fact, we’ve already gotten a Costco fix – it’s only 30 minutes away! Whoohoo!
While this camp is well established (founded in 1951), it’s new to the SOWER family. We’ll be working with another couple and are already looking forward to getting back to work – even though we haven’t a clue what that actual work will be! But after all, that’s the beauty of our ministry – every month is different!

Happy October, everyone! (And Happy Birthday to our Reis, who turned SEVEN today!
These kiddos are growing up Way.Too.Fast.)

One thought on “Our New Spot”

  1. Looks nice never been to tx. Hope your not where the storms go..I’m staying in pa this winter. Bbrrr

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