Getting back in the groove

Sometimes it’s hard, isn’t it? Getting back into the groove I mean? This week I’ve gotten back into the groove of SOWER work, and it’s been going pretty well. One thing that has helped ease me back into “waking up to an alarm” is that the crew here at Lake Lavon doesn’t start work until 9 AM, following devotions at 8:30. Being a flexible sort of SOWER, we were happy to comply with their schedule. (Our SOWER workday usually starts at 8AM with devos at 7:30.) Our work has been productive too. Wendy and I are in painting mode and have worked out a pretty good routine as we tackle this loooonnnnggg hallway.
Lots of nooks and crannies there, so I do mostly the brush work and she uses her skills with cutting in the ceiling and doing the high stuff!
Of course, we both do the rolling, but again, she takes the high road and I take the low!
(This photo is also to show you how close the new color is to the old color. I’m pretty sure when I take the “after” picture, it’s going to look pretty much like that “before” picture!)
It’s been going well, and we should be able to finish up next week. I hear there’s another room waiting for our rollers though, so we won’t be putting away our painting clothes anytime soon!
Meanwhile, the guys have been busy too!
Can you imagine how Gary’s pulse quickened when he saw this electrical panel that fed our RV sites?
Even if he ended up doing it on his spare time, he knew he couldn’t leave it that way! By the end of the week –
his blood pressure had returned to normal! Phew!
Tom was busy too – moving an A/C unit and getting it hooked up at its new home. Sadly, no pictures were taken of said work! Sorry, Tom!  I try to do better next week!

All in all it was a good week of getting back into the SOWER work groove. We got to sleep in a wee bit (OK, I slept in a wee bit longer – Gary is  still up before dawn!), we got a fair bit of work accomplished here at Lake Lavon, and we got to serve alongside some great folks (both the staff here and our fellow SOWERS!). Thank you, Lord, for these blessings.

Now if I could just get back into the groove of this blogging thing……


6 thoughts on “Getting back in the groove”

  1. I want to check to see how close this project is to the office. Maybe we can work it next March/April????

  2. Getting back into a groove takes focus. Fortunately every day is a chance at a fresh start thanks to Grace. Love painting and Gary and I have the same OCD when it comes to electrical! Hope to get to work with you two some day. 71 days until retirement and we’re packing the 5er to hit the road and start our work. First project is Camp Baldwin in Feburay and March . Take care.

  3. Would love to work with you in the future too! I think you’ll really enjoy Camp Baldwin – we were there several years ago and it was great!

  4. Gail – this was an easy less than three hour drive from Lindale. It would be great to work after the March meeting (just as we did after the Sept meeting!).

  5. You are very welcome!! Pretty sure it wasn’t on the official list, but there was no way Gary wasn’t going to get that mess straightened out!

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