Family Visit

Imagine our delight when our Waco kids came for a visit this past Sunday! Especially given that Waco isn’t exactly around the corner from Camp Lavon and good ol’ Dallas is smack dab in the middle of the route. But they were willing – and we were happy to have them come.   To simplify lunch (feeding 8 folks in our RV was not high on my “fun things to do” list) we met a nearby restaurant to start our visit.
[Do you suppose it’s a proven fact that it’s impossible to get four little men to smile at the camera at the same time? I think Weston (front right) was working on his “how weird can I look” face, while Taran across the table was just over it. Man, I love those little boys!]
Although we’ve had some lovely cool-ish (for Texas anyway) days recently, Sunday climbed well into the 90’s so for much of the day we just hung around in the RV. It was a little crowded, but we set the boys up with the dominoes on the tile floor, and they kept pretty busy building towers or seeing how many they could line up to knock down! Every now and then one would wander up front and I caught this shot of little Anderson with the sun hitting him just  right!

Eventually, though, we braved the heat and went for a little walk around the conference center. We checked out the lake front
and then ended up at the camp’s swimming hole where one of the camp families (also with 4 young’uns) was playing in the water. The boys couldn’t resist, and although there were no pictures taken, joining them for a bit of splash time was the perfect end to a hot walk. Once everyone was back in dry clothes, they loaded the van and headed back to Waco (with a quick stop at the DWF airport to pick up a friend – didn’t that work out well!). I snapped one last shot of this little guy –
who turns ONE tomorrow!! As the saying goes – #dontblink!

We don’t get many family visits when we’re on a SOWER project, so Sunday afternoon was a very precious time indeed!  Thanks for coming along for the visit!

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