Ready to go – Sad to say good-bye

UntitledThis morning we bungyed down the breakables, pulled in the slides and hooked up that pretty red truck to begin our trek east to our next SOWER project in Mississippi. As much as we were ready to go (it’s our internal time clock – three weeks, and it’s time!), we weren’t really ready to say good-bye to our new friends, Tom and Wendy. We’d had a great month with them – kinda low key with all the COVID stuff going on, but still very special. Wendy and I especially shared lots of stories since we were diligently painting that hallway and meeting room for the entire three weeks. Lots of story time there!
I loved that we had developed our own painting rhythm – she would wrangle the pole and do the ceiling cut in while I scooted along the floor and did the “lower trim” – baseboard (carpet – how weird), corners, doorways, etc. Then we would both grab a roller and tackle the main walls.  We were like a chatty finely oiled machine!
(No pictures of me scooting, but trust me – my fitbit was NOT getting a work out!) By the end of the three weeks we had both areas completed, switch covers were back on, drop clothes stowed away, and furniture returned to the walls. Of course, I have no picture of that. But while it didn’t look really any different (beige A being painted over beige B), the room and the hallway did have a wonderful fresh look. Thankfully we will not be there to see the first ding. (That’s the beauty of our three week schedule!) So while we painted (and solved most of the problems of the world), the guys were busy with about 137 various tasks. They did some electrical work, including moving and hooking up a mini-split A/C unit, some plumbing work
and Tom even stopped by to try and get us some better lighting.
(Ah, the fickle fluorescent lights. Which ones will come on today?)
If you look closely at the bottom right corner of the building you can see Gary sitting there replacing some broken siding pieces. Like I said, they were doing a million small jobs – but nothing was left unfinished and I do believe the camp was oh-so-happy to cross those pesky “little things” off their to-do list.
Tom and Wendy are fairly new SOWERS, and after this month I know they’ll continue to be a true blessing wherever the LORD sends them to serve in the future!

Instead of heading straight to our MS project, we decided to use our ‘in between’ week to lend a hand to our two Louisiana projects, one of which took a terrible direct hit from Hurricane Laura.  We’ll get to Dry Creek Camp tomorrow, ready to help in any way we can. Before the week is out we’ll head to Acadian Baptist Center which has also been affected by the recent hurricanes.  Then by the weekend we’ll be getting settled at Forest Lake Ranch in Macon, MS for our November project. We’re looking forward to a busy and blessed week!

Right now we’re tucked into a Walmart parking lot in Leesville, LA and once I hit the Publish button and then get the coffee ready for tomorrow morning it’s off with the generator and into bed for me!

Sleep well, good friends,

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