We’re just wrapping up our brief time here at Dry Creek Camp, and I must tell you, it’s been stunning!
It’s been stunning to see the devastation around the camp. Here is a picture of the prayer walk from our time here in the spring of 2013.
And here it is today….

The camp lost approximately 500 trees. Most buildings were affected in some way. Some dramatically

and some less obvious but just as stunning.
(tarped roof on dining hall)

It’s been stunning to see how this camp, even in the midst of their own trauma, has reached out to their community – being a food distribution spot, offering housing as needed and even providing laundry service to those who have had no power or even water service.

Just yesterday, the director was asked by FEMA if Dry Creek could be a center for folks submitting applications. Oh, and can you also supply the workers? The answer came as a ready “yes” – and we SOWER girls got a speed course in FEMA applications!

It’s been stunning to see how folks have come alongside to help Dry Creek with their recovery/rebuilding efforts.
Many have come and gone in the two months since the hurricane. By the end of this week there will be 8 RV’s in this campground. Some will be staying for a week, some for two, some for three, some for four.  And when these are gone, I trust more will come.

It was stunning to imagine how powerful those winds must’ve been.
In the picture  above there are six ‘candlestick’ trees – giant pine trees who have had their tops blown off. Those will all have to come down eventually, but for now, it’s more critical to clear out the ones that are all the way down!
The evidence of the power of that wind –

The recovery from Hurricane Laura (and Delta, etc.) will be long. And hard. But God continues to send beauty into the ashes.
And that is stunning also!
The Spirit is strong here at Dry Creek – and God is getting All the Glory!..













Amen and Amen.

2 thoughts on “Stunning”

  1. Do you have any idea what will happen to those 500 trees? Is any salvageable as lumber? Ground up for mulch? Fire wood? I’m sure there are many trees down all over and I just wonder what they DO with all of it!

  2. That’s a good question, Brenda! There are piles of logs all throughout the camp (not to mention piles of brush and limb debris) – and more to come as the clean-up continues. The camp is still working of finding homes for those logs – much of it salvageable for lumber I would think. Know anyone with a portable sawmill that would like to come for a visit?

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